Managers: Develop and Motivate

Managers Developing - Helping Hands

It is critically important that you and your staff are continuously learning and developing for many reasons:

  • To keep up with organizational and job changes
  • To learn relevant new skills
  • To cultivate a growth mindset
  • To share experience and knowledge with your colleagues

The Manager plays a vital role in encouraging and supporting employee development. You should have regular conversations with each of your employees about their professional and career goals, help them develop plans, provide resources and development experiences, and support application of new knowledge and skills.

There are several types of development goals:

  • Improve skills and/or knowledge for performance improvement in current role
  • Learn new skills for enriching current job and making new contributions (job enhancement)
  • Develop new skills for career mobility
  • Leverage strengths more fully in current job and/or organization

Here are some links to support you in coaching for development: