Employee Development and Training: Resources

Ten Clues to an Employee's Literacy

(Adapted from the American Library Association Resource Center, March 1991)

Many people who struggle with basic skills try very hard to hide it because they are frightened that if discovered they will lose respect, if not their jobs. Frequently it is only with the support and encouragement of a supervisor that an employee will come forward and request tutoring. If you see some of the clues listed below, make program information available to the employee. Self-selection is a very Important element in the success of tutoring.

  • Does your employee ask you to fill out forms or try to do it and make many mistakes?
  • Does the employee take forms home to complete?
  • Does the employee ask a friend or coworker to help with forms?
  • Does the employee frequently ask you to explain what he has just read?
  • Does the employee frequently fail to respond to written memoranda, etc.?
  • Does the employee ask you to call rather than mail information to him?
  • Does the employee consistently forget appointments?
  • Has the employee turned down promotions or educational opportunities that require reading?
  • Does the employee make excuses for not reading written information he has received? Some excuses may include: I have had a headache; I didn't have time; My glasses are broken.
  • Do the employee's eyes move from left to right when reading?