For Management Development

Management development activities can:

  • Encourage growth and career development of employees
  • Improve skills and knowledge that can be immediately applied at work
  • Increase motivation and job satisfaction
  • Create a network of colleagues for problem-solving and support
  • Promote communication and planning throughout campus and department networks

How to Support Management Development

  • Model the behavior you are encouraging; don't neglect your own development.
  • Discuss and create a development plan during the performance planning cycle.
  • Endorse employees attending classes and activities that support development plans and goals.
  • Discuss what the employee learned in classes and support integrating new ideas/methods.
  • Provide timely behavioral feedback on performance and discuss ways to improve and develop further.
  • Provide opportunities for your employees to develop through mentoring, cross-training, internships, campus staff organizations, professional associations, committee and task force assignments, skill assessment programs, and university degree and extension programs.