Will People & Culture be regularly sending out any campus-wide reminders to the people who need to take it as we approach the deadline?

People & Culture will be utilizing communications such as CalMessages, Manager News, Manager Forums & Manager Masterminds to remind managers of the requirement as we progress towards June 2022.

I completed the Berkeley People Management Part 1: Grow Today certificate, what should I do next?

Begin by reviewing your results from the Berkeley People Management Knowledge Assessment. These results provide a list of suggested development opportunities and resources related to any knowledge gaps identified. Partner with your manager to create a professional development plan to strengthen the identified areas. The plan might include attendance in suggested workshops, individual coaching from your manager, and/or on-the-job stretch assignments.

While I understand that Berkeley People Management Part 1: Grow Today is the only required series in the Berkeley People Management program, can you tell me more about the program as a whole?

The Berkeley People Management program consists of four certificate series; touched briefly on below:  

The BPM Part 1: Grow Today series is designed for everyone. This fully online workshop series is designed for all staff, from seasoned people leaders to those desiring to become a manager, supervisor, or team lead. Seasoned people leaders use these content refreshers for pertinent people management information. Aspiring leaders use these quick learning experiences to gain a sense of the breadth of knowledge and depth of responsibility required for a campus leadership role.

Completion of this series is required of all applicants for "internal UC Berkeley" recruitments for administrative/staff supervisory or managerial positions posted on or after July 1, 2020, and of all administrative/staff managers and supervisors by June 30, 2022. Content in this series is honored regardless of the time period it takes to complete the entire series.

The BPM Part 2: Grow Your Knowledge and BPM Part 3: Grow Your Team series are best suited to individuals with current and/or previous people management experience. This can be the supervision of direct reports, volunteers, students, etc. in either a current or past role. As long as the individual has engaged in overseeing the work of others in some capacity (now or in the past), they will have the background necessary for engaging in the interactive portions of each of the workshops.

The BPM Part 2: Grow Your Knowledge series provides in-person workshops to obtain the knowledge necessary to navigate policies and procedures in our unique campus environment.

The BPM Part 3: Grow Your Team series provides the skills necessary to engage teams for ultimate group success at UC Berkeley.

Once either series is started, an individual has two years to complete the entire series. This means that once a person takes their first workshop in either of these two series, they have two years from that date to complete the remaining workshops in that particular series to be eligible to receive the certificate for that series.

For example, the BPM Part 3: Grow Your Team certificate currently has 11 components. If you started this series by taking BPM 207 Leading Change on July 9, 2022, you have until July 9, 2024, to finish the remaining 10 components required for the BPM Part 3: Grow Your Team certificate.

A two-year “look back” is reasonable. Going back further is not prudent as course materials are continually updated due to the changing nature of the workforce and the evolution of employment policies.

The BPM Part 4: Grow the Organization series is a cohort-based program intended for senior campus leaders (M1s and above). It offers in-person workshops, a 360° leadership assessment, and integrated group coaching to equip leaders with the skills essential for strategic success at UC Berkeley and with the support necessary to bring their best selves to the role. This cohort series is completed by participants over an eight-week period.