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Collection of short videos on various Operating Principles Topics

Case Study: NOW Conference

A Case Study on Including Diverse Perspectives: The NOW Conference

For the organizers of the annual NOW conference, UC Berkeley’s career development conference focused on campus staff, “including and excelling” proved to be a vital part of that conference’s success.

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The following posters are available for download. They are designed to be printed in color on standard letter-sized paper. 

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Operating Principles and Culture

UC Berkeley Thank You Cards

New UC Berkeley Thank You Cards are now available at no charge so that campus employees can appreciate one another’s excellent work with a memorable keepsake.

Berkeley Catalysts

In 2013-2014, we launched a one-year action-learning program that offered a unique professional development opportunity for 46 staff from units across campus. Catalysts honed their leadership and organizational improvement skills while partnering with unit leaders to focus on a unit-specific strategic opportunity or challenge.


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