Health Care Professional Unit (HX)

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Contract status: Contract expires October 31, 2017

For more information, please contact Labor Relations by telephone (643-6001) or by email (

Contract Duration (IX)

Duration: The Memorandum of Understanding for the Non-Senate Instructional (IX) unit has been extended to September 30, 2014.

Current Rates (RX)

To find salary rates for specific titles, use the Title Code System (TCS) Web Inquiry tool:

Layoff Information (CX)

The following material provides key information regarding Article 13, Layoff and Reduction in Time in the UC- Teamster 2010 Agreement covering Clerical Unit employees. The Article covers temporary and indefinite layoffs and reductions in time.

Please remember to read the entire contract article when you are considering a layoff or reduction in time, and contact your Campus Shared Services Human Resources Business Partner as soon as you believe a layoff may be necessary.

Research Support Professional Unit (RX) Bargaining Unit Update

UC seeks progress in contract negotiations with UPTE

Since bargaining began in mid-December, the University of California has been frustrated with the progress of negotiations with UPTE and believes that negotiations have yielded little movement toward a new contract covering 8,600 research and technical employees.

Current Rates (KB)

Please forward questions regarding the following charts to Labor Relations (

Hourly, Monthly, & Annual Wage Rates