Continuous Learning

UC Core Competencies - Achieving Results

  • Demonstrates responsibility and ownership for one’s job and career path by identifying and expanding skill sets needed to perform successfully on the job. Consistently works to learn and increase knowledge. Asks for help when needed, admits mistakes and is open to feedback.

    • Development

    • Trainings, staying up to date

    • Seeking coaching/feedback

    • Self-awareness

    • Personal growth

    • Technology/systems trainings

    • Staff Recognition

    • Delegating

Communication: Verbal, nonverbal, and written

Are you looking to start a career in IT? Or, are you an IT service desk professional wishing to explore opportunities for career advancement, but unsure of your next step? In either instance—whether you're jumping into a brand-new IT career or advancing your existing one—this course can provide you with a foundational mapping of the careers and certifications you might want to consider. Instructor Fancy Mills covers a variety of career paths at all levels, from service desk analyst to service desk manager. She also explores different certifications related to service desk roles, and...