Achieve Together

How should managers/supervisors prepare for their Check-ins?

All managers and supervisors should take the Berkeley People Management (BPM) Growing as a Coach. This course is designed to enable managers to build essential coaching skills for generating meaningful conversations, including how to ask powerful questions and to listen deeply. The...

What should staff expect from their manager?

Direct reports can expect their manager/supervisor to schedule the Achieve Together Check-in conversations at a time that is best for the team, but during the Check-in conversation time. During the scheduled conversation, your manager will ask the six Check-in questions, which you should be prepared to answer based on the prior four months being discussed. Finally, we do expect managers and supervisors to complete ...

How should staff prepare for their Check-in conversations?

If needed, ask your manager to schedule your check-in meeting. Then, get ready by familiarizing yourself with the 6 Check-in Questions so you can be prepared for your part of the conversation. Focus on what you want to share with your manager, what you want to ask from them, and what, if any, support you need. These conversations are intended to be two-way, so feel empowered to work with your manager in setting the agenda. You should also be prepared to discuss your goals going forward - do existing goals need updating, or are there new goals to include? ...

Are represented staff participating in Achieve Together?

Achieve Together is designed for non-represented staff. The performance management process for represented staff is outlined in their union contract. However, managers are encouraged to engage in more frequent, informal conversations with direct reports who are represented if both parties find it beneficial.

What is UC Berkeley’s performance cycle?

The Performance Year for non-represented staff at UC Berkeley is April 1 - March 31 of the following year. This timing allows the final Check-in and selection of Performance Levels to be complete by early June, which then allows pay increases to go into effect as of the Fiscal Year (July 1st).

When did Achieve Together begin at UC Berkeley?

The Achieve Together performance program began in April 2020. Achieve Together is grounded in a coaching culture and includes staff and managers having three formal check-in conversations about performance using six standardized questions. Check-in conversations are documented using an online form.

What are the benefits of Achieve Together?

The goal of Achieve Together is to support a workforce that is more agile, performance-driven and engaged. More frequent check-ins between managers and direct reports means greater engagement, fewer surprises, a better understanding of needs and expectations, more learning-in-place, less performance-related paperwork, and a clearer line of sight about how an individual’s performance contributes to the bigger picture. This simplified process should enable everyone to be more agile and help you focus on your work efforts.