Colin Gerker-Junsay (he/him)


Colin works with individuals, pairs, cross-functional initiatives, in-tact teams, and organizations to maximize talent development and success potential. Colin is a Senior Talent Strategy Partner on the People & Organization Development Team in Berkeley People & Culture. He’s also the co-chair of the Cal Coaching Network (CCN), a community of practice focused on building coaching culture and community at UC Berkeley. Colin co-manages the BPM Executive Coaching Program, is the CoachingHQ lead at the NOW conference, coaching coordinator for the Equity-Oriented Coaching & Advising Program, and curates the Grow on the Go learning library. Colin is a facilitator, organization development consultant, leadership coach, and project manager for departmental retreats, team building, competency development, strategic planning, and assessments. Previously, Colin was a leader and process designer for campus implementations such as Achieve Together, UC Experience Conversations, Flexwork, Moving Beyond Bias, and succession planning. Previous to UC Berkeley, Colin worked as an organizational performance manager, coordinated a mindfulness program, and worked in student affairs for 10 years (academic coaching, student-athlete support, leadership development, risk management, SVSH, hazing prevention, AOD education, LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC student organizational advocacy and support).