Starting Salaries / New Hire Salaries

Establishing a starting salary for a new employee or deciding to give a promotional increase requires careful consideration. In both cases, you should determine how the employee's prior experience, knowledge, and skills compare with other employees already performing the same job.

Before establishing the starting salary of a new employee, consider each of the following factors:

  • Recruiting difficulty (size of qualified applicant pool, length of recruitment, etc.)
  • Candidate's salary expectations
  • Comparable internal salaries
  • Employee's knowledge, skills, and experience compared to others performing similar work
  • Budget

For positions with steps (those covered under bargaining contracts and Police Sergeants in PPSM):

  • Authority up to the mid-point of the range is delegated to the hiring department. The Vice Chancellor or delegated Dean has approval through the range. Consultation with HR is expected for above mid-point salaries.

For PPSM-MSP and PPSM-PSS positions:

  • Requests for consideration above the midpoint are approved by the Vice Chancellor, except where this authority is re-delegated to specific Deans. MSP appointments above the midpoint of the salary range require final approval by the appropriate Vice Chancellor.

Consult with the Compensation Unit, as needed, for salaries above midpoint.