Merit Increases

Salary increases are granted to eligible employees in career, partial-year career and contract eligible positions based upon their job performance. Merit eligibility is contingent upon completing six months of service in PPSM.

The amount of the increase depends upon the individual's performance in relation to current pay and assigned responsibilities, position within salary range, performance relative to other members of the review unit, and availability of funds.

The Compensation Unit manages the campus' merit programs. Key elements of the staff merit process typically are:

  • The Compensation Unit sends a call letter to the control units (organizations under a Vice Chancellor or Provost), announcing the merit program and outlining the merit increase guidelines and control figures as determined by the campus within parameters set by the Office of the President. (Control figures represent the fund pool available for merit increases.)

Higher merit increases are provided for employees who perform above expectation in achieving goals and objectives; however, no merit increase may result in the final salary exceeding the range maximum and no salary is to fall below the range minimum.