Classification Process for Non-Represented Positions

  1. Manager uses Job Builder to create or update and revise their staff job descriptions. All staff (non-represented and represented) job descriptions should be created, saved, and classified in the Job Builder JDX platform.
  2. Manager reviews the job description with the HR Partner to ensure the home department supports the request.
  3. The Compensation Unit evaluates the classification request and contacts the HR Partner, Manager, or CUA if additional information is needed.
  4. For PSS level requests, the Compensation Unit determines whether the (re)classification is approved or denied. For MSP level requests, the Compensation Unit provides a decision to the requesting CUA, if required.
    1. Control Unit Administrators Review of Classification Requests 
    2. Positions that do not require VC review prior to Compensation review
  5. The Compensation Unit communicates the PSS level decision to the HR Partner or CUA, as appropriate. The appropriate CUA communicates MSP decisions back to the requesting home department and to the Compensation Unit.

Process Flowcharts: