Creating Job Descriptions for Represented Titles

Vacancy or Position Reclassification Requests

Job Description Template for represented positions

  • All Represented Job Descriptions should be created, saved, classified, and updated using the Job Builder JDXpertplatform.

Clerical Positions

Completion of the following job description template addendum is required when submitting a Staff Research Associate (SRA) position to the Compensation unit for a reclassification, or when creating a new SRA position. The SRA addenda is a job evaluation tool, used to assist you and/or your supervisor in providing necessary and basic information about the key responsibilities of SRA positions. If you have any questions about this addenda, contact your Compensation Analyst.

When submitting a description for a Represented position, please include information about:

Reclassification Request:  Leave this section blank if the position is being newly created.  If you are submitting a request for reclassification, briefly describe the significant changes that have taken place since the position was last reviewed.  Additionally, provide a copy of the former job description for the position.

Purpose of the Position/Job Summary:  Provide a brief description of the overall purpose of the position (not the organization), telling why it exists. 

Scope & Impact:  Describe the organizational scope of the position.  What part of the campus is affected by the position’s work – department?  College?  Control Unit?  What are the consequences of the position’s actions?

Key Responsibilities:  Identify the major key functions and the estimated time spent performing each function.  Use specific action verbs to describe functions; for example, “open, post, and distribute mail”, not “handle mail”.  Avoid vague terms like “assist in”, “arrange for”, or “administer”.

Knowledge and Skills:  Describe the kind of knowledge required, the specialized skills and abilities necessary to be able to perform the job.

Relevant Education and Training for the Position:  Describe the minimal educational requirements, along with other requirements such as licenses and certifications.

Problem Solving:  Briefly, in one to three sentences, describe three common problems solved by the position, three unusual or complex problems solved by the position, and three examples of problems/situations that are referred to the position’s supervisor for resolution.

Supervision:  (NOTE: Complete this section ONLY if this position, in addition to the personally performed duties, supervises 2.0 or more FTE, AND performs at least 3 of the following):

Independently selects subordinates OR participates in the interviews and recommends who should be hired;

Independently determines subordinates’ performance ratings OR recommends performance ratings;

Independently decides within budgetary limitations the amount of subordinate merit increases, whom will be selected for promotional opportunities, and whether to request the reclassification of a position, OR recommends these actions;

Has independent authority to issue written warnings and suspensions and determines what discipline should be imposed upon a subordinate OR recommends such actions;

Has independent authority to resolve grievances or complaints OR formulates and recommends a resolution to grievances or complaints.

“Recommendations” are customarily given substantial weight by higher-level supervisors/managers and are typically accepted.  Positions that give work assignments to other employees and review their work products, but do not perform at least 3 of these functions are typically LEAD positions, not supervisory positions.  Indicate employees supervised, job title and FTE.