Creating Job Descriptions for Represented Titles

Vacancy or Position Reclassification Requests

Job Description Template for represented positions

  • All Represented Job Descriptions should be created, saved, classified, and updated using the Job Builder JDXpertplatform.
  • The supplemental and addendum documents are in progress of being incorporated into Job Builder JDX as a tab to be completed for Library Assistant JDs and Staff Research Associate JDs.

Clerical Positions

Completion of the addendum is required when submitting a Staff Research Associate (SRA) position to the Compensation unit for a reclassification, or when creating a new SRA position. The SRA addenda is a job evaluation tool, used to assist you and/or your supervisor in providing necessary and basic information about the key responsibilities of SRA positions. If you have any questions about this addenda, contact your Compensation AnalystThe SRA Addendum is incorporated into the JDX job description template for all SRA jobs.

When submitting a description for a Represented position, please include information about:

Reclassification Request:  Leave this section blank if the position is being newly created.  If you are submitting a request for reclassification, briefly describe the significant changes that have taken place since the position was last reviewed.  Additionally, provide a copy of the former job description for the position.

Purpose of the Position/Job Summary:  Provide a brief description of the overall purpose of the position (not the organization), telling why it exists. 

Scope & Impact:  Describe the organizational scope of the position.  What part of the campus is affected by the position’s work – department?  College?  Control Unit?  What are the consequences of the position’s actions?

Key Responsibilities:  Identify the major key functions and the estimated time spent performing each function.  Use specific action verbs to describe functions; for example, “open, post, and distribute mail”, not “handle mail”.  Avoid vague terms like “assist in”, “arrange for”, or “administer”.

Knowledge and Skills:  Describe the kind of knowledge required, the specialized skills and abilities necessary to be able to perform the job.

Relevant Education and Training for the Position:  Describe the minimal educational requirements, along with other requirements such as licenses and certifications.

Problem Solving:  Briefly, in one to three sentences, describe three common problems solved by the position, three unusual or complex problems solved by the position, and three examples of problems/situations that are referred to the position’s supervisor for resolution.

Supervision:  (NOTE: Complete this section ONLY if this position, in addition to the personally performed duties, supervises 2.0 or more FTE, AND performs at least 3 of the following):

Independently selects subordinates OR participates in the interviews and recommends who should be hired;

Independently determines subordinates’ performance ratings OR recommends performance ratings;

Independently decides within budgetary limitations the amount of subordinate merit increases, whom will be selected for promotional opportunities, and whether to request the reclassification of a position, OR recommends these actions;

Has independent authority to issue written warnings and suspensions and determines what discipline should be imposed upon a subordinate OR recommends such actions;

Has independent authority to resolve grievances or complaints OR formulates and recommends a resolution to grievances or complaints.

“Recommendations” are customarily given substantial weight by higher-level supervisors/managers and are typically accepted.  Positions that give work assignments to other employees and review their work products, but do not perform at least 3 of these functions are typically LEAD positions, not supervisory positions.  Indicate employees supervised, job title and FTE.