Employees are expected to be at work on time; they are also responsible for notifying their supervisors when they will be absent because they are ill or for other unexpected reasons. An unacceptable number of absences or tardiness may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. Following are some guidelines for attendance:

  • Keep accurate and current records.
  • Let your employees know what is expected of them in regard to attendance and punctuality.
  • Review your employees' attendance records. This will give you a chance for corrective counseling or to commend employees who have outstanding attendance records.
  • Ensure that vacation leave, compensatory time off, and alternate holidays off are scheduled and taken at the convenience of the department.
  • Review requests for time off for personal reasons in advance when possible. When deciding whether to grant the request, consider the operating needs of your unit and the reason for the request.
  • Take appropriate disciplinary action when an employee abuses attendance standards. Review Chapter 22, Taking Disciplinary Action, as well as the appropriate policy or contract, and consult with your Employee Relations Consultant before taking any action.
  • Report all absences accurately and as soon as possible to ensure proper payment.