Working with Union Representatives: Resources

Questions and Answers

Do you have to allow a union representative to be present whenever the employee wants one?

No. For example, a union representative is not appropriate in meetings to give work assignments, coaching sessions, or performance evaluation discussions. However, employees have a right to have a representative present if they reasonably believe that disciplinary action will result from a meeting.

Who represents you as the supervisor?

In non-grievance meetings with one employee and a representative, your Employee Relations Specialist will be present to represent campus management interests. In grievance meetings, or in meetings with groups of employee and union representatives, a Labor Relations Specialist from Central Human Resources will represent the University.

May more than one union representative, or a union representative and an attorney, be present with one employee?

No. Normally only one representative is allowed in a meeting between you and the employee. Ask the employee to clarify for you which individual will be the representative before you schedule a meeting.