Exit Interviews

Employees terminating from the campus are valuable resources. Through hearing their feelings, concerns, and impressions, you collect data relevant to your department and the campus. A meeting with employees before they leave is an opportune time to get their candid and honest reactions to policies, systems, management, and overall working conditions.

As soon as you know an employee is leaving, schedule an exit interview meeting. Exit interviews are used primarily for voluntary separations. During this meeting, talk about the employee's reasons for leaving, and how the employee feels about the job and supervision. Ask for specific suggestions the employee may have for you and the department. Take note of anything you may want to change. Look for trends as you receive feedback from several employees. Also, contact your Employee Relations Consultant with information on compensation, benefits, training, etc. You may also want to discuss any departmental issues that may have come to your attention.

The exit interview process provides you and the campus with data that might not normally be collected from employees. Use this time to your advantage and make this process a worthwhile one for you and the employee.