Frequently Asked Questions - Development

People Management Certificate

Is there a convenient way to search and register for the classes included in the new People Management Certificate?

Yes, if you click on this link, UC People Management Classes you will see a list of all online classes and currently scheduled in-person classes, and will be able to directly register for any class of your choosing.

What is the start date or length of the program?

This is a self-paced program. In terms of start date, you can start now, or at anytime that works for your schedule, and you have a limit of 3 years for completion from start to finish.

Once I complete the certificate, what else is available for professional development in the people management area?

Our first suggestion is to work with your manager to develop or further develop some of the skills you learned in the certificate program. You need to experiment to continue your growth as a professional. So, pick an area, put it to work and then evaluate your efforts. Once you are ready for additional knowledge development, you might want to complete the supervisor knowledge assessment. And of course, there are additional KEYS, Multicultural Education Program workshops, Ombuds, online, UNEX classes and more available to you. Please check out Professional Development Resources and our new Training Calendar of Events.

Why should I invest the time to complete this certificate? Will it benefit my career in any way?

To state the obvious, earning a certificate is not a certain path to the executive level. However, being open to learning new concepts and new approaches is one of the keys to success in any career path. You will be exposed to new ways of managing people and if you work on further developing these skills and asking for feedback on how you are doing as a people manager, then you are almost certain to grow professionally. You will also be able to put this certificate on your resume, LinkedIn profile, etc. and it shows that you are committed to developing your people management skills. It also adds to your credibility as it will be recognized across the entire UC system.

How will I receive my People Management Certificate?

On a monthly basis, we review completions, and you will then receive your People Management Certificate by campus mail. The UC Learning Center maintains your permanent learning record, and it also gives you the option of printing individual certificates for each of the courses you complete.

I have already completed some of the courses required for the certificate. Can I get credit for them?

If you have already taken any qualifying courses in the past three years, they will be accepted as part of the certificate. We believe a 3-year “look back” is reasonable. Going back any further is not recommended as we continually update our course materials due to the changing nature of the workforce and the evolution of employment policies. Including past qualifying courses taken, you have a three year window in which to complete the UC People Management Certificate.

I supervise students. Am I eligible to attend the KEYS workshops?

The KEYS workshops are designed for staff who have a supervisor or manager title, regardless of the job titles that you supervise. If you have questions about whether you qualify or not, please send an email to

Currently, I am not a people manager but aspire to this role at some point in my career. Am I eligible to earn the certificate?

Yes, earning the certificate will give you insights into what the role entails and help you determine if being a people manager is the right fit for you. The only restriction is that you will not be able to enroll in the KEYS classes. The KEYS classes include exercises and material specifically designed for individuals who are already in a supervisory role.