Salary and Pay

The Compensation Unit in Central Human Resources oversees the pay programs for all staff employees covered by Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) and the various collective bargaining units. To learn more about salary placement guidelines, auxiliary pay, and salary increase programs, please select either Represented (covered by a collective bargaining unit) or Non-Represented (PPSM) below.

For information regarding pay schedules and pay dates, please visit the Central Payroll website

Title Codes:

Bargaining unit title codes (represented by a union) are always 4 numbers followed by a "C." For example, 8199C Painter. The “C” stands for “Covered by a Union”. Non-Represented title codes are always 4 numbers followed by a “U.” For example, 6204U Research Admin 1. The “U” stands for “Uncovered by a union”.

The Title Code System Web Inquiry tool (TCS) allows supervisors, managers, and staff to look up classification information about any title code in the UC system. You can filter information by campus, bargaining unit, personnel program, and other criteria. TCS is maintained by the UC Office of the President (UCOP).