Central HR Staff Directory

General Contact Information
Central Human Resources, University of California, Berkeley, 2199 Addison Street, Room 192, Berkeley, CA 94720-3540.        Locations

Our org chart can be accessed here

To reach us by phone or FAX:

  • All inquiries (outside of Recruiting)
    Central Human Resources - (510) 642-7053 - FAX: (510) 642-2888

  • Recruiting - (510) 664-9000, option 3
    FAQs: Job Applicant FAQs

Specialists and assistants work with HR partners in CSS (Campus Shared Services) and often directly with campus departments.

  • For campus directory assistance, please call (510) 642-6000 or check the campus directory.
  • For employment verification, please call (510) 664-9000.

If your question is regarding jobs and job applications you must call Recruiting at (510) 664-9000, option 3.
If you are an employee and have a question please call First Responders at (510) 664-9000, option 5.

For technical questions regarding this website only (hr.berkeley.edu) email us at hrweb@berkeley.edu

Aidaly Cintron

Title: Benefits & Leaves Analyst II

Phone: (510) 664-9274

Email: acintron@berkeley.edu

Alex Gomez

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Title: Director of Talent Acquisition


Email: agomez@berkeley.edu

Alex Reyes

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TitleTalent Acquisition Advisor

Phone: (510) 387-5271


Alisa Jones

Title: Employee Labor Relations Consultant

Phone: (510) 643-5463

Email: alisajones@berkeley.edu

Angela Stopper

Title: Director, Learning & Development

Phone: (814) 360-8178

Email: astopper@berkeley.edu

Ashok Rau

Title: Employment & Labor Relations Investigator

Phone: (510) 664-5402

Email: ashokrau@berkeley.edu

Benefits Questions? Call (510) 664-9000 option 3

Enrollment, Cancellation, or other Changes for Faculty & Staff  
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Bianca Bowman-Waugh

Title: Employee & Labor Relations Consultant

Phone: (510) 643-7343

Email: bianca_bowman@berkeley.edu

Brianna Vandre

Title: Finance Manager

Phone: (510) 484-1354

Email: bvandre@berkeley.edu

Campus Shared Services

For Benefits Questions: Please directly contact our Campus Shared Services (CSS).  A representative at CSS will be able to appropriately assist you.

Telephone: (510) 664-9000, Press 3 (for HR Services)

Candace Dabney-Smith

Title: Employee & Labor Relations Consultant

Phone: (510) 642-4222

Email: cdabneysmith@berkeley.edu

Carmen Melson

Title: Employee & Labor Relations Representative

Phone: (510) 643-7266

Email: cdm@berkeley.edu

Carrie Ann Colton

Title: Employee & Labor Relations Director


Email: cacolton@berkeley.edu

Cedar Carlton

Title: Employee & Labor Relations Consultant

Phone: (510) 642- 9457

Email: cedar.carlton@berkeley.edu

Charlene Ashton

Title: Executive Assistant to AVC-HR

Phone: (510) 642-9046

Chris Whitney

Title: Principal Analyst

Telephone: (510) 643-4302

Email: cwhit@berkeley.edu

Colin Gerker

Title: Training Design Consultant


Email: colinje@berkeley.edu


Phone: (510) 642-7053

Fax: (510) 642-2888

Email: compdesk@berkeley.edu

Complaint Resolution Officer

Title: Complaint Resolution Officer

Douglas McSkimming

Title: Communications Lead

Phone: (510) 643-7825

Email: dmcsk@berkeley.edu

Elizabeth Wilcox

Title: Sr. Consultant for Advising

Phone: (510) 643-7226

Email: ewilcox@berkeley.edu

Emiko Moran

Title: UCPath Communications Lead

Phone: (510) 5291580

Email: emiko@berkeley.edu

Employee Relations

Phone: (510) 642-7053

Email: askeru@berkeley.edu

Esha Bharati

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Title: Talent Acquisition Associate


Email: eshabharati@berkeley.edu

Eugene Whitlock

Title: Assistant Vice Chancellor, Human Resources

Email: avc-hr@berkeley.edu

Faith LeBlue

Title: Employee & Labor Relations Representative

Phone: (510) 643-6001

Email: fleblue@berkeley.edu


Fidelity Retirement Services 

Phone: 1-866-682-7787

Consultant: 1-800-558-9182  

Gabe Schmidt

Title: Health Care Facilitator

Phone: (510) 664-4134

Email: gabe.schmidt@berkeley.edu

Harrison Chan

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TitleExecutive Search Associate


Email: hwchan@berkeley.edu


HCM Hours of availability: 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

  • To submit requests for HCM updates please contact Campus Shared Services:

Inette Dishler

Title: Senior Learning and Development Specialist

Phone: (510) 643-4226

Email: idishler@berkeley.edu

James Dudek

Title: Employee Experience Lead

Phone: (510) 501-3712

Email: jdudek@berkeley.edu

James Kao

Strategy & Operations Icon

TitleExecutive Search Manager



Jan Crosbie-Taylor

Title: Change Manager

Phone: (510) 225-5592

Email: j.crosbie-taylor@berkeley.edu

Janae Smith

Title: Benefits Assistant

Phone: (510) 664-9265

Email: janaesmith@berkeley.edu

Janet Suko

Title: Benefits Program Coordinator

Phone: contact CSS during Open Enrollment 510-664-9000 (option 3)

Jennifer Romo

Title:  Compensation Consultant

Phone: (510) 664-5059

Email: jenromo@berkeley.edu

Jesse Arp

Title: Project Analyst

Telephone: (510) 643-7464

Email: jesse.arp@berkeley.edu

Jose Madrigal

TitleHR Business Systems Analyst III

Phone: (510) 643-9419


June Ramirez

Title:  Compensation Consultant

Phone: (510) 643-0645

Email: jtramirez@berkeley.edu

Kathy Mendonca

Title: Senior Instructional Design and Learning Specialist

Phone: (510) 642-5952

Email: kmendonca@berkeley.edu

Katie Jackson

Title: Benefits & Leaves Analyst II

Phone: (510) 664-9272

Keith Samsell

Title: Training Lead

Telephone: (510) 643-7973 

Email: ksamsell@berkeley.edu

Kenson Cheng

Title: HR Business Systems Analyst


Email: kensonc510@berkeley.edu

Kyra Troyan

TitleSystems Analyst - PATH


Labor Relations

Message: (510) 643-6001

Fax: (510) 642-2888

Email: labrel@berkeley.edu

Letrice Calbert

Title: Benefits & Leaves Analyst II

Phone: (510) 664-9447

Lin Velasquez

Title: Employee & Labor Relations Representative 


Email: linvelasquez@berkeley.edu

Linda Lundberg

Strategy & Operations Icon

Title: Transition Services Manager

Telephone: (510) 642-1013

Email: llundberg@berkeley.edu

Lisa Rykert

Title: Staff Career Development Program

Phone: (510) 642-0812

Email: lrykert@berkeley.edu

Maddy Irwin

Title: L&D Coordinator

Phone: (510) 643-6947

Email: maddyirwin@berkeley.edu

Mara Otero

Title: Employee & Labor Relations Consultant 

Phone: (510) 643-9420

Email: mara.otero@berkeley.edu

Marc Ovalle-Marihart

Strategy & Operations Icon

Title: Talent Acquisition Advisor

Phone: (510) 484-1900


Mary Spenger

Title: Front Desk Assistant

Phone(510) 642-7053

Megan Montgomery

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TitleTalent Acquisition Associate


Email: megan.montgomery@berkeley.edu

Miah Compton

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Title: Talent Acquisition Associate


Email: miahcompton@berkeley.edu

Monica Buccellato

Title: Compensation Analyst

Phone: (510) 642-1621

Email: monicabuccellato@berkeley.edu

Nelcy Dwight

TitleBusiness Analyst

Phone: (510) 228-8796


Nicole Roces

Title: Employee & Labor Relations Consultant

Phone: (510) 642-1809

Email: nicole.roces@berkeley.edu

Ozzy Garcia

Strategy & Operations Icon

Title: Talent Acquisition Advisor

Phone: (510) 384-8036

Email: ozzy.garcia@berkeley.edu

Pamela Rich

Title: Organizational Consultant


Email: richpamela@berkeley.edu

Retirement (RASC)

Retirement Administration Customer Service – Office of the President 

Rich Lau

Title: Director, Total Rewards

Phone: contact CSS during Open Enrollment 510-664-9000 (option 3)


Robyn Pease

Strategy & Operations Icon

TitleTalent Acquisition Program Manager

Phone: (510) 643-0653


Ruby Thomas

Title: Benefits Counselor

Phone: (510) 664-9420

Scott Dinkelspiel

Title: Compensation Operations Manager

Phone: (510) 642-2799

Email: scottd3@berkeley.edu

Shannon McClough

Title: Benefits & Leaves Analyst II

Phone: (510) 664-9353

Sharon Johnson

Title: Benefits Supervisor

Phone: (510) 664-4126

Sheila Vanderburg-Taliaferro

Title: Benefits & Leaves Coordinator

Phone: (510) 664-9267

Email: sheilat@berkeley.edu

Shirley Giraldo

Title: Social and Informal Learning Lead

Email: shirleyg@berkeley.edu

Sierra White

Title: Organizational Consultant

Phone: (510) 679-7105

Email: sierrawhite@berkeley.edu

Sina Carroll

Strategy & Operations Icon

Title: Business Systems Analyst


Email: sinacarroll@berkeley.edu

Staff EEO Compliance

Staff Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance

Phone: (510) 642-5002

Fax: (510) 642-2888

Staff Learning and Development

Email: grow@berkeley.edu

University of California, Berkeley
192 University Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-3548

Tara Hertstein

Strategy & Operations Icon

TitleTalent Acquisition Advisor

Phone: (510) 990-2265

Email: tara.hertstein@berkeley.edu

Theresa McLemore

Title: Employee & Labor Relations Consultant

Phone: (510) 643-8718

Email: tmclemor@berkeley.edu

Tim Fuson

Title: EEO Analyst

Telephone: (510) 642-5002

Email: fuson@berkeley.edu

Tracey Frink

Strategy & Operations Icon

Title: Executive Research Associate

Phone: (510) 642-9046

Email: tpfrink@berkeley.edu

Yahaira Maldonado

Strategy & Operations Icon

TitleTalent Acquisition Manager

Phone: (510) 849-7842


Ying Kuah

Title: Specialist

Phone: (510) 289-0127


Yvette Escobar

Title: Benefits Analyst 2

Phone: (510) 664-5312

Email: yescobar@berkeley.edu