Service Focus

UC Core Competencies - Achieving Results

  • Values and delivers high quality, professional, responsive and innovative service to all customers. Establishes and maintains positive, long-term working relationships.

    • Seeking/using feedback

    • Meeting expectations

    • Honoring commitments and keeping promises

    • Adapting service delivery to meet needs of diverse client base

    • Holding team accountable

    • Relationship building

Three Keys to Developing Women Leaders

Organizations are focused on improving the gender diversity of their leadership teams. Despite the aspiration to have more diverse leadership teams, few women occupy senior leadership positions. Although women constitute the majority of students obtaining higher-education degrees, the proportion of women in management decreases as seniority increases. Women are not falling through the cracks in the leadership pipeline because of poor performance. This research study will help you maximize the impact of your leadership development efforts by following these three keys:

Target mindset,...