Policies & Procedures

Telecommuting Safety Checklist

Safety Checklist for Telecommuters

The following checklist is recommended for use by each telecommuter in organizing an alternate work site. The telecommuter should review this checklist with his/her supervisor prior to the start of telecommuting, and they are encouraged to work together to ensure the safety of the alternate work site.

Work Site Telecommuter has a clearly defined work space that is kept clean and orderly. The work area is adequately illuminated with lighting directed toward the side or behind the line of vision, not in front or above it. Exits are free of obstructions...

Background Check: Notification Process

This page describes the sequence in which departments and subjects will be notified by the University of California Police Department (UCPD) of the results of background checks for sensitive positions.

When the background check finds no record of convictions: UCPD notifies the relevant department at once so that the hire or other personnel action may be completed. UCPD notifies the individual that he or she has passed the background check and is cleared for employment in the position. When the background check finds a record of convictions: UCPD first...