Labor Resources

Labor Resources

This section contains general or background information about unions, associations, bargaining agreements, and labor relations at UC Berkeley.

To find out what personnel program or bargaining unit covers your position or to find the contact person for a particular bargaining unit, see the Union Representatives Contact Information page.

Representatives of employee organizations should read the Access to University Facilities page before...

Union Representatives Contact Information

If the program for your position is not easily recognizable in the list below, please contact Labor Relations, (510) 643-6001.

Labor Law Posters

All of the posters on this page are available in PDF format. Click on the links to download, save and print as necessary.

If you have questions regarding the posting requirements, please contact Employee Labor Relations.

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Carrie Ann Colton

Title: Employee & Labor Relations Director

Phone: 510-384-3927


Access to University Facilities

Please note: After reviewing the appropriate contract, any questions should be directed to ELR's contact page

In these regulations, the term representative is used to define any person acting in the interest of or on behalf of an employee organization, including both University and non-University personnel, unless otherwise specifically excepted.

The term employee organization business is used to define all legal activities of an employee organization, including,...

Collective Bargaining

Collective Bargaining at the University of California FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Union Representation Information about the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act See Managers Toolkit

If you have questions about collective bargaining that are not answered here, please contact us.