Exit Survey

Exit Survey

The University of California Exit Survey is our exit survey system that tracks external attrition and supports the Regents of the University of California and the University of California, Berkeley in identifying key drivers of employee satisfaction, dissatisfaction, and attrition. The Exit Survey enables the University of California, Berkeley to understand competitive positioning in the labor market and to secure the information needed to improve retention. 

The Exit Survey is provided to separating employees within the separating employee checklist provided by your HR partner. As a manager/supervisor you can also send a communication to your separating employee that includes the Exit Survey link

If you wish to preview the questions, a PDF of the exit survey can be read here.

What are the advantages of the Exit Survey?

The Exit Survey enables the University of California, Berkeley to capture feedback from separating employees about why they are leaving, what they were dissatisfied or satisfied with, and what attracted them to their new job.

With a real-time results dashboard, reporting pinpoints key focus areas, compares data across demographic segments and time periods, and enables the University of California, Berkeley to take action at the Division level. 

The exit survey also enables People & Culture to perform in-depth analysis through a robust, real-time reporting platform and to measure scores against peer organizations.

To learn more about the Exit Survey view our video:

Exit Surveys at UC Berkeley

Exit Survey Business Process Overview https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Gc40...

Shirley Giraldo, Employee Engagement Consultant at shirleyg@berkeley.edu