Exit Survey

Exit Survey

The Exit Survey is an important tool for evaluating and gathering information to improve employee retention and reduce turnover. The Exit Survey tracks both employees who leave their current roles for another role within Berkeley as well as those who decide to leave UC Berkeley altogether. The Exit Survey is provided to separating employees via the separating or transferring letter provided by the HR partner. 


Q: Isn't the Exit Survey only for employees who were leaving UC Berkeley?

Prior to 2024, only employees who were leaving UC Berkeley were given the Exit Survey. However, this left the University missing crucial information from those who left jobs but chose to stay within the university. To remedy this, People & Culture convened a committee of HR staff from all the Regions to create an internal version of the Exit Survey for those leaving their current jobs but staying within the university.  

Q: Is this survey really anonymous?

Yes! We only share aggregate data and comments. We encourage respondents to avoid sharing personally identifiable information in the comments section to preserve their anonymity. 

Q: How can we get access to the results? 

Aggregate data for a division is available to division leadership upon email request to Shirley Giraldo to ensure there are a significant number of responses. Please note that depending on the number of responses, some specific information (race, gender etc.) may be omitted to protect anonymity.


Shirley Giraldo, Employee Engagement Consultant at shirleyg@berkeley.edu