Goals for Communicating About Change

To Get Information Out

  • To clarify the reasons for change
  • To describe the benefits of the change
  • To offer a detailed picture of the new organization
  • To describe how the change will take place
  • To provide information on support/resources

To Gather Information

  • To get input from the people affected
  • To get feedback on how the change is proceeding

To Affect Attitudes and Behavior

  • To show that change is a beginning, not an end
  • To create an atmosphere that supports the new identity/culture
  • To encourage risk-taking and openness to change
  • To move toward a collaborative team approach

To Offer Support During the Change

  • To acknowledge loss/fear/resistance
  • To show how loss will be counteracted by the advantages of the new organization
  • To provide tools (training/information/praise)
  • To reduce isolation and foster teamwork