B. Statement on Philosophy of Human Resources Management

The University of California, Berkeley
Statement on Philosophy of Central Human Resources Management

The mission of the University of California at Berkeley, "Teaching, Research and Public Service," is known and respected nationally and internationally. In its pursuit of excellence in fulfilling that mission, Berkeley recognizes and nurtures the academic culture and the fundamental place of the faculty in that pursuit.

Berkeley recognizes also the unique relationship which must exist between the faculty and the staff who share the commitment to excellence. Both in policy and in philosophy, Berkeley demonstrates its commitment to its human resources and seeks to maintain a healthy environment that shows respect for each employee,  provides an opportunity for each employee to contribute fully, and fosters personal growth.

Maintaining that environment is the responsibility of each person. Because of their role, managers and supervisors have a special responsibility to lead, and to lead in a manner that fosters and maintains an environment of respect for each person. Visit our Learning & Development section for information on Manager & Supervisor Development.