Frequently Asked Questions - Program / Process

Program / Process

What makes check-ins more efficient and effective than year-end reviews?

Check-ins should occur during a regularly scheduled one-on-one. The program is aligned with everyday work and contains less overall documentation compared to year-end reviews. Launching Achieve Together documentation forms takes seconds per employee. With the guided check-in questions and Achievement Criteria as helpful tool, the new process is streamlined for facilitation and documentation. 

Who should an employee contact with concerns?

Employees should go to their immediate manager/supervisor with questions or concern. If the manager/supervisor is unable to address the concern, or the concern is about the manager/supervisor, then contact your HR Partner. 

What sort of communications should I expect and how can I share the information with staff?

The Berkeley People & Culture team has scheduled cascading CalMessages (HR Network --> Managers/Supervisors --> Employees) before the program launch that will drive everyone to training, resources, tutorial videos, and our FAQ. The messages we will share after we launch the program will be timed ahead of check-in conversation deadlines every four months. Unit leaders can contact our project team to request internal communication templates for sharing about the new program internally. The Achieve Together project team is also available for AMAs and presentations on the program and coaching culture.

Contact the team with any questions about communications.

Where can I access completed check-ins?

Achieve Together Check-in Conversation online forms can be found on the Online Dashboard. Prior Annual Performance Review forms and any paper forms used for Achieve Together Check-in Conversations are available via a Records Request; they are part of the employee's Personnel file. 

What happens if my supervisor refuses to participate?

PPSM policy states that a PPSM employee who doesn't receive a rating is therefore deemed to have met expectations (Well Done Performance Level).

I just got a new supervisor and my previous supervisor has left campus and completed no documentation of my performance before they left. How will I be reviewed?

The new manager/supervisor will be required to complete the check-in process. What's great about the new program is that new managers won't be stuck with nearly a year's worth of work without the opportunity to effectively observe, reflect, discuss, and document performance. With the new program, new managers/supervisors are easily able to roll-on to the program during the four-month intervals and can quickly access information, training, and resources to effectively support staff be successful participating in Achieve Together.

Do provide documentation of work by using the Achievement Criteria as a tool for organizing your progress, and how you worked with others. This information will be helpful for new managers/supervisors to grasp the understanding of your scale, scope, results, and ways you work.

Sourcing feedback from collaborators can also be helpful to more accurately assess performance progress. 

Where can I go to if I have questions regarding information contained in the FAQs or for more information on Achieve Together?

Additional information can be found by exploring the Achieve Together site. If you can't find the answers you're looking for, you can contact us.

If you can't find the answer to a question you have, you can submit a question for inclusion in the Achieve Together Knowledge Base.

How can I submit a request for extension for any check-in conversation completion?

Please submit to with information regarding your request.

Note: Extension requests are not required for those on leave. For guidance on these scenarios, refer to related questions in this section of the page. 

Both non-represented employees and managers/supervisors are required to collaboratively document check-in conversations 3x annually. Due dates for documentation are August 31, December 31 (adjust for curtailment), and April 30.

I am a manager with a staff member on leave (short term, long term, FMLA), what must I do to complete any Achieve Together performance documentation?

Staff on approved short-term or long-term leave are not required to complete work. Staff will be assessed based on the progress and outcomes achieved while they were officially working during any check-in period. Check-in forms can be initiated ahead of documentation deadlines. To be compliant with the Achieve Together program (and the performance appraisal PPSM 23 University of California policy), managers must complete the check-in form every four months (3x annually). You can do this by finalizing your portions of the form, and bypassing employee finalization. In the online form, use the “employee unavailable or refused to sign” button to complete the form when an employee is not available. A notification will be sent to the employee’s inbox indicating you finalized the form without their finalization.

I am going on leave (short term, long term, FMLA) during a check-in period. Am I required to complete check-in forms or conversions while I am on leave?

You are not required to complete check-in conversations or forms while on approved leave. Your manager will complete the period’s check-in form without your finalization. If the leave is for only a portion of a check-in period, the manager is encouraged to add notes about the time at work in the check-in period.

What if my employee is unavailable or refuses to finalize their check-in form?

A manager can bypass employee finalization in the Online Dashboard check-in form. A notification is sent to the employee indicating they were unavailable or refused to sign the check-in form.

What if my manager is on leave and cannot complete a check-in?

Your manager's manager will be required to complete the check-in conversation and documentation with you for the period.