Frequently Asked Questions - Miscellaneous


How do we fill out time sheets if someone works for multiple departments?

Employee timesheets are able to capture multiple departments. Please approve employee work hours completed in your department. Departments should work with Payroll to determine the best method to use.

How will we track temporary help?

Each employee assigned to work in your department will need to record their time and pay on a temporary timesheet, which you can obtain from the Payroll Office. This timesheet must have the correct approval signature before submitting it to the Payroll Office.

How do we contact these agencies?

HR Employment Services will contact the agencies.

Can we use temporary agencies to hire staff?

HR Employment Services will have contracts in place with selected temporary agencies. If you have a special request that a contracted agency cannot fulfill, please contact HR Employment Services to help you secure a contract with a specialized agency.

What are the titles of contractors we are allowed to hire?

Departments can hire individuals offering “common or professional services,” i.e., Building and Maintenance Contractors, Janitorial Services, Security Guards, Doctors, Evaluators, System Analyst, etc. Please review the Procurement Services’ website for a complete list and hiring process.

How will we advertise that we are hiring?

HR Employment Services will advertise all open positions. You may request advertisement on the Deployment Triplicate form used to notify HR Employment Services of your vacancy.

Can we hire contractors? What types?

Yes, please refer to the Procurement Services’ website to review contractor-hiring procedures. Procurement Services will have a complete list of eligible titles.