Frequently Asked Questions - Information for Employees: Benefits

Information for Employees: Benefits

Are support groups or individual counseling available through my medical plan?

UC's health plans do have mental health coverage. For more information on how to access this coverage, contact your health plan directly or go to CARE Services, who can assist you with a referral.

How will my retirement benefits be calculated if I accept a position at a lower compensation level?

The UCRP retirement calculation is based on your age and total service credit at time of retirement and your highest average plan compensation (HAPC), the full-time salary rate over any consecutive 36-month period. Therefore, accepting an appointment at a lower compensation level will not reduce your HAPC.

If I am eligible to retire, what steps should I take to maintain eligibility for health and dental insurance as a retiree?

If you meet eligibility requirements, (a University of California Plan member who is age 50 or more with 5 years or more of retirement service credit or a member of a reciprocal retirement plan) the University may continue to contribute toward the cost of your University-sponsored medical and dental coverage when you retire from the University. To be eligible, you must begin receiving monthly retirement income within 120 days of your separation from employment (your coverage in the medical and dental plan must be uninterrupted during this period). Your eligibility for this benefit also depends on the date you were hired and your years of service credit in UCRP or other retirement plan to which the University contributes. For more information, see the Retirement Handbook (PDF), also available from your Department Benefits Counselor.

What happens to my health and insurance benefits if I am laid off?

Some benefits can be continued through the Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act (COBRA). You and/or your eligible family members may be eligible to continue your UC-sponsored medical, dental, vision, and Health Care Flexible Spending Account (Health FSA) through COBRA continuation. Note: All payments under COBRA, including those for the Health FSA, are with after-tax dollars; you must apply within 60 days of receiving a COBRA notice or your layoff date, whichever is later.

Some coverage can be maintained for four months by paying premiums, and then converted: You may continue your Supplemental Life, Dependent Life, Accidental Death, and Dismemberment for up to four months after the month your layoff begins. To make arrangements, contact Angela Dizon ( or 642-0684) in the Central Payroll Office.

Some coverage can be converted: You may convert your Basic Life, Supplemental Life, and/or Dependent Life (each plan converts from group life to an individual policy) within 31 days of your coverage end date without proof of insurability. For more information, contact the Prudential Life Insurance Conversion Office at 1-877-889-2070, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, EST.

Some coverage stops: Group disability insurance, Business Travel Accident, and Workers' Compensation end on your last day actively at work.

Can I get Unemployment Insurance?

Generally, you are eligible for unemployment insurance if you are laid off. Contact your local Employee Development Department (EDD) or look on the EDD website to file a claim and locate Unemployment Insurance benefits information.

  1. Go to Employment Development Department (EDD).
  2. Click on Claims.
  3. Find the Unemployment Insurance section and follow the steps listed.

Please note that the address you use on your EDD claim must match the address on your paycheck. If you need to update your address, visit UCPath Online.

Where can I get information about how my benefits are affected by a layoff?

The What To Do If You're Being Laid Off and Benefits Checklist Supplement, provide full information about how benefits are affected when an employee is laid off.