Frequently Asked Questions - HOW MUCH TIME WILL THIS TAKE?


How long might it take to complete the Berkeley People Management Part 1: Grow Today series?

The time to complete the online content for the BPM Part 1: Grow Today series and the BPM: Academic Leader Bundle varies depending on how deep, and reflective you choose to be. That's the beauty of self-paced, online learning! The BPM Part 1: Grow Today curriculum takes a minimum of 9 hours to view. The BPM: Academic Leader Bundle takes a minimum of 3 hours, 41 minutes to view. Each training module includes a “playbook” and additional resources for use during the session and afterward for reference. Individuals can spend additional time (generally 15-35 minutes per module) with these materials and resources at their discretion.

Please view this worksheet in order to get a general idea of the length of each eCourse.