Frequently Asked Questions - Employee Types

Employee Types

Are represented staff participating in Achieve Together?

Achieve Together is designed for non-represented staff. The performance management process for represented staff remains the same. However, managers are encouraged to engage in more frequent, informal conversations with direct reports who are represented if both parties find it beneficial.

Can I do Achieve Together check-ins with my represented staff if they want to?

Official check-in conversations and documentation as part of Achieve Together are not permitted for represented employees. Changes to performance programs for represented employees are subject to bargaining. However, 1on1 conversations between managers/supervisors and represented employees are permitted and similar conversation topics can be addressed.

How do we handle an employee who remains non-represented but changes teams during a check-in period?

The check-in process (written feedback and discussion) will be completed by the manager with whom the employee spent the majority of the check-in period. 

How do we handle an employee who moves from a non-represented employee to a represented position?

If the employee is in the non-represented position in the last two months of the check-in period, the employee and manager will complete the check-in process (written feedback and discussion). If not, the check-in will be canceled. 

How do we handle a newly hired non-represented employee or an employee who moves from a represented position to a non-represented position?

If the start date is in the first or second month of the check-in period, the employee will participate in that check-in. If the start date is in the third or fourth month, the employee will wait until the next check-in to start the process. 

Can we use the new check-in process for probationary employees?

No, employees in the probationary period should be reviewed following the process outlined here.

What about contract employees?

Yes, the check-in can be used for non-represented career, partial-year career or contract employees.