Frequently Asked Questions - Disability Status Self-Reporting

Why do I need to self-identify my disability status?

UC Berkeley is a federal government contractor and is legally obligated to comply with a number of requirements and regulations. The information collected is used for statistical reporting to the federal government, accreditation bodies and grant-awarding agencies, as well as for internal benchmarking and review.

Who has access to the disability data that employees have provided?

The disability data is considered confidential employee information. It is maintained by the Staff Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Compliance unit in Central Human Resources. Your name and employee number is removed when used for reporting purposes.

How is the disability data utilized?

Each year the University is required to conduct various analyses of its workforce as part of its Affirmative Action Plans. The information being requested is critical to these analyses.

What if I decline to state my disability status?

The invitation to self-identify your disability status is voluntary, and every employee has the option of choosing the "I DO NOT WISH TO ANSWER" option. Selecting this option will not affect your employment status.

Can my disability data be used in making employment decisions?

The disability information you provide is confidential and will not be used as the basis for any employment decision affecting you.