Core Courses

Complete all courses either online or in person, based on the availability.

Core Courses (all courses provided by University of California) eCourse In Person
Performance Management Overview (UC-PMC-PERF1-BE-CORE)
Setting Expectations & Individual Performance Goals (UC-PMC-PERF2-BE-CORE)
Giving and Receiving Feedback (UC-PMC-PERF3-BE-CORE)
Engaging and Developing Employees (UC-PMC-PERF4-BE-CORE)
Conducting Performance Appraisals (UC-PMC-PERF5-BE-CORE)
Motivating, Recognizing and Rewarding Employees (UC-PMC-PERF6-BE-CORE)
Coaching for Performance and Development (UC-PMC-PERF7-BE-CORE)
Managing Corrective Action (UC-PMC-PERF8-BE-CORE)
UC Hiring for Success (UC-PMC-PERF9-BE-CORE)
Strategic On-Boarding (UC-PMC-PERF10-BE-CORE)
What is Implicit Bias? (BE-IMPBIAS1-ECO)
The Impact of Implicit Bias (BE-IMPBIAS2-ECO)
Managing the Influence of Implicit Bias: Awareness (BE-IMPBIAS3-ECO)
Common Forms of Bias (BE-IMPBIAS4-ECO)
Managing the Influence of Implicit Bias: Mindfulness and Conscious De-biasing (BE-IMPBIAS5-ECO)
Managing Implicit Bias in the Hiring Process (BE-IMPBIAS6-ECO)

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