DBCs & DHRMs: Leave of Absence Premium Overpayment

Timely HCM action is required to formally put the employee on leave.  If an employee is showing as active at the time of the monthly payroll deadline, the department will be charged for the following month’s premiums.  Once charged, premiums are not refundable unless they are refunded automatically through the consolidated billing process.  If UC is refunded the premium by the insurance company, then the department is also refunded.

To avoid this problem, departments must

DBCs & DHRMs: Benefits Enrollment Process

UC offers three benefits packages – Full, Mid-Level, and Core – to eligible faculty and staff employees. These benefits packages determine eligibility for Health and Welfare and Retirement plans. Please see Benefits Packages for details.

For more information on benefits actions and how to take them, review the Taking Action chart.

Benefits Eligibility

Eligibility for University benefits is based on your classification, the nature of your employment as well as your appointment duration and percentage of time and the number of hours you work.

Status Qualifier Codes (SQC)

Certain Qualified Status situations affect an employee's benefits eligibility. These situations should be identified by use of the following BELI Status Qualifier Codes in addition to the BELI code itself. Once the qualified status situation has ended, the SQC should be deleted from the system.

20 - Average Appointment percent Employee (Academic)
30 - Extended Sick Leave Recipient
40 - Employee Rehabilitation (Formally Approved)
60 - Seasonal Employee
90 - Sabbatical/Leave for Professional Renewal

BELI Status Qualified Codes are grouped as follows: