Staff Equity Increase Exception Requests FAQ


Effective immediately, the Finance Committee is delegating the approval for salary equity increase requests authority to the Compensation Unit (part of Total Rewards) Compensation and Benefits unit within People and Culture. If they approve your request, you may proceed with the equity increase and do not need to submit an additional request to the committee.

If your request is denied by Compensation the committee will accept appeal requests for review, using thesame form as before. When submitting your appeal requests please be sure to include a copy of the email from Compensation denying to original request. You may add it as an attachment or link to the file in Google drive. If you send a link please make sure the file is accessible for anyone with the link.

The Finance Committee will continue to review hiring freeze exemption requests.

This FAQ page serves as a follow up to the message regarding a one-year salary freeze for staff and faculty. Only staff are eligible for an equity increase exception, which will go through a process that is the same as the hiring freeze exception requests.

1 - When did the freeze go into effect?

The freeze on Equity Increases went into effect with the Chancellor's email message on May 18, 2020 announcing the freeze.

2 - Do equity increases as a result of approved reclassifications, which have not already been communicated to the affected staff, need to be reviewed by the Finance Committee?


3 - Do reclassifications without equity/compensation increases need to be reviewed by the Finance Committee?


4 - Do we need our HR Partner to review comparable roles/salaries?

It is strongly recommended that the proposing manager should work with their HR Partner to conduct a salary equity analysis for the classification.

5 - Do staff equity increases funded by faculty-designated funds (or other sources excluded from the hiring freeze) also need exceptional review and approval?

Yes, an exceptional request is needed regardless of the funding source.

6 - Are stipends subject to the freeze on equity increases?

No, stipends are not subject to the freeze on equityincreases. Stipends are permitted in accordance with the procedure 30 guidelines

7 - What are the current criteria for equity increases?

Please refer to this page in the Compensation section of our website and click the drop-down boxes for Salary Setting and Equity Increases.

8 - When will equity increases be implemented?

We encourage departments to consider whether a requested equity increase can be made effective at a later date if approval is granted now.  While delayed implementation is not required, equity increases that can be made effective at a future date will be viewed more favorably. Please consider whether a January 1, 2021 or July 1, 2021 start for the increased salary is a feasible option. A question has been added to the exception request template to capture this information.

9 - Is there a maximum or target increase that the Finance Committee will consider?

While there is no maximum or target, those equity increases that are intended to bring an individual's salary closer to the market salary for that particular position will be viewed more favorably.