Learning & Development

Angela Stopper

Title: Director, Learning & Development



Maddy Irwin

Title: L&D Coordinator



Staff Learning and Development

Email: top@berkeley.edu

University of California, Berkeley
192 University Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-3548

Keith Samsell

Title: Training Lead

Telephone: (510) 643-7973 

Email: ksamsell@berkeley.edu

Terrie Moore

Title: Lead, Staff Career Development Program

Phone: (510) 664-5068

Email: terriemoore@berkeley.edu

Jeremy Linneman

Title: Senior Learning Consultant for Research Administration

Telephone: (510) 644-7414 

Email: linneman@berkeley.edu

Kathy Mendonca

Title: Senior Instructional Design and Learning Specialist

Phone: (510) 642-5952

Email: kmendonca@berkeley.edu

Kathleen Valerio

Title: Calpact Coordinator

Telephone: (510) 643-0452 

Email: kvalerio@berkeley.edu

Inette Dishler

Title: Senior Learning and Development Specialist and Chief Curator and Community Manager, Wisdom Café

Phone: (510) 643-4226

Email: idishler@berkeley.edu

David Nguyen

Title: LMS Administrator and Reporting Analyst

Phone: (510) 642-7151

Email: dmn9@berkeley.edu