Where To Go

Talk to your manager for the majority of issues. If your manager is not an option or you feel uncomfortable approaching your manager, please choose from the options below. Additional Conflict Management Resources are available for your reference.

Type of Issue Email Phone Will it be confidential?
Basic HR assistance Your HR partner. Find yours at: sharedservices.berkeley.edu Your HR partner. Find yours at: sharedservices.berkeley.edu No - Mandated Reporter
Sexual harassment, gender discrimination or Title IX compliance ask_ophd@berkeley.edu (510) 642-1988 No - Mandated Reporter
Discrimination, harassment or retaliation

Contact ELR

(510) 642-7053 No - Mandated Reporter
Whistleblower Line Website only (800) 403-4744 Yes - Confidential

Contact ELR

Your HR partner. Find yours at: regionalservices.berkeley.edu No - Mandated Reporter
Bullying (confidential resource) Staff Ombuds Website

Staff Ombuds Office: (510) 642-7823

Yes - Confidential
SVSH Respondent Support Services svshrespondentservice@berkeley.edu please see SVSH Respondent Services No - Mandated Reporter

Confidential Assistance

   Path to Care Center

   Be Well At Work

   Staff Ombuds



Path to Care Website


Staff Ombuds Website


(510) 642-1988

(510) 643-7754

(510) 642-7823