Michael Bean


I love working at UC Berkeley.

Since earning my degree at Cal in 1989, I have worked as a training, education, and group facilitation specialist for UC Berkeley. I began by working at the Berkeley Marina with the Cal Adventures Outdoor Education Program teaching people how to perform safely in the exciting conditions of wild and windy San Francisco Bay. I taught the skills of how to make a craft move in coordination with wind, waves, and fears. I like to say I opened people’s eyes to acute experiences that demand focus, skill, and what it takes to overcome resistance to performing calmly and with skill in such a challenging environment.

At Environment Health & Safety, I continue to use my training and education to help others remain safe on the job. Risks abound, and it is my job to create and share resources and information, teach techniques, and provide ongoing support as students and staff learn new skills to meet and transcend their resistance to and fears of the multitude of hazards encountered while working in and around potentially dangerous locations and situations.

In 2018, I began applying my Energy Medicine education, awareness, and talents by teaching classes and providing 1:1 energy work sessions and ongoing coaching. I help seekers and those suffering by sharing tools intended to transform fears and resistance into deeper self-awareness and to develop the courage to make life-affecting choices from a place of pure personal knowing and clear alignment.

I call this practice Psycho-Spiritual Counseling, a process that employs guided meditation and the development and use of one’s own "symbolic sight." Through energy work, coaching, supportive discussion, and mindful guidance, I teach practical tools that have immediate impact. Clients gain personal mastery of skills that improve in the moment self-observation and regulation, authentic connection with others, and the release of thought patterns that no longer serve. The culmination is greater trust in one’s SELF and choices.