Liat Wexler (they/them)


Liat works with faculty, staff, and postdocs in the PATH to Care Center to prevent sexual harassment in academic and administrative departments on campus. Their roots are in intersectional activism and community organizing in Virginia, Boston, and San Diego. They stumbled into their career through trial and error (with stints in finance, restaurants, PR, tech, community nonprofits) and have now spent 20+ years working as a trainer, facilitator, and change management consultant. From working with survivors of trauma, Liat has always taken an empowerment approach believing that each person knows best what they truly need. They understand a coach's role is to create the safety and space for someone to explore and envision a path forward, using supportive guidance to navigate barriers. Liat is skilled in motivational interviewing with both individuals and groups and enjoys being a thought partner for employees at Cal.