Jenya Kuvshinova (she/her)


Jenya Kuvshinova, ACC is a career and personal development coach. She has been coaching purpose driven professionals who seek full self-expression in their lives while contributing unique gifts to their organizations and communities for 12 years now. Her areas of expertise are career coaching (especially for multitalented and multicultural people), leadership coaching, life and purpose coaching and emotional wellness coaching.

She enjoys partnering with passionate professionals who are looking for a deep sustainable change and want to put their multiple talents to work. Jenya believes that everyone can land in a space of feeling ultimately alive, vibrant and connected to the amazing beauty of the world, one's soul and one's work without having to settle for less. She is a clarity guide and facilitator of change on this journey to thriving.

Business background in the area of executive search and recruitment allows her to learn from some of the finest professional success stories. Her work for Winter Olympics taught the value of contributing to a greater cause.

Jenya’s international life and work experience empowers her to see things from a unique perspective. She brings to the table her whole self as a professional, mother, wife, adventure traveler and a lifelong explorer.