Hilda Gehrke (she/her/ella)


Hilda Gehrke is a Social Leadership Coach, Facilitator, and Interpreter who migrated from Mexico in 1996. She has been an interpreter for more than 10 years. Hilda graduated with a B.S. in Psychology from Regis University and completed her training as an Ontological Coach from Newfield Network, INC in 2017. She obtained her certification as a Certified Newfield Coach (NCC) and has more than 200 hours of experience as a group and personal coach. Hilda has a particular interest in developing voices within the Latinx community. She is a Jefferson County facilitator and has been facilitating with the Family Leadership Training Institute working to encourage community leaders to use their talents to make their neighborhoods healthier places for their children. Hilda is very involved with the community and works with different organizations to include community voices on the decision making process. Hilda’s mission is to create inclusive spaces that encourage collaboration and equity.