RASC procedures for communicating to prospective July 1 retirees

May 27, 2022

The No Lapse in Pay (NLIP) May 13, 2022 deadline:

The deadline to opt-in to the program was midnight on May 13. All applications received by the deadline will be evaluated for eligibility.

If you applied for NLIP by the May 13 deadline, RASC is reviewing your application for NLIP eligibility. If you’ve not already heard from RASC about your NLIP application, you will within the next few weeks.

There’s no need to call RASC for updates:

  • Once RASC reviews the NLIP application, you will receive a letter from RASC informing you of your eligibility status.
  • Wait for a phone call – proactive outreach
  • Beginning May 25, Call Experts, a call answering center, and an existing UC vendor will begin proactive member outreach. Here is additional information about Call Experts and what they’ll do:
    • About Call Experts: Call Experts is a trusted vendor UC has used in the past to handle call volume, most recently at UC Santa Cruz.
    • How will the Call Experts representatives identify themselves? They will identify themselves as calling from Call Experts, in partnership with the UC Retirement Administration Service Center.
    • What will they do?
      • Triage calls and directs members to the correct department for resolution
      • Make callbacks to members
      • Proactively contact members to provide status updates on where they are in the retirement process
    • Is UC data protected? Yes. To keep UC data secure, the vendor will not have access to member records or UC systems.
  • Prospective retirees are encouraged to check their UCRAYS account for secure messages and to use the tracking tool to follow the overall progress of their retirement. the chevron (visual status bar) disappears when NLIP is approved.
  • If you are approved for NLIP, you will receive your first benefit payment (for the estimated amount shown on your Pre-Retirement Profile PRP) on August 1.
  • If you are not eligible for NLIP, RASC will make every effort to issue your first retirement payment as soon as possible.
RASC is processing retirements as quickly as possible while trying to maintain focus and high processing efficiency. In order to assist in this process please be prepared to receive a direct call from Call Experts at your contact phone number on record. If you are unsure of your contact number please review UCRays for more information.