Service Awards

Staff Service Awards

The Staff Service Awards will be held virtually this year!

About UC Berkeley Staff Service Awards

The time you dedicate to your career at UC Berkeley is important and should be celebrated! To that end, each year UC Berkeley People & Culture hosts the Staff Service Awards. The day is marked as a celebration of staff who have reached a milestone anniversary as part of our UC Berkeley campus community. We are so thankful for all of the amazing work that you do on campus and want to show you our appreciation; your work does not go unnoticed!

The Service Award celebrations take place each year on the second Wednesday in February. At the event, we celebrate and acknowledge UC Berkeley staff who have achieved a milestone anniversary from their most recent hire date. Remarks of appreciation are delivered by campus leadership, and staff receive a service pin as a small token of our gratitude for their incredible impact on UC Berkeley campus.

Staff Service Awards Event Information

The Staff Service Awards will be held virtually on Tuesday, February 8, 2022. This year's event will recognize staff who reached a milestone year of service from their most recent hire date in 2021

This year, we will be acknowledging staff hired in: 

  • 2016 for 5 years of service, 

  • 2011 for 10 years of service, 

  • 2006 for 15 years of service, 

  • 2001 for 20 years of service, 

  • 1996 for 25 years of service,

  • 1991 for 30 years of service, 

  • 1986 for 35 years of service, 

  • 1981 for 40 years of service,

  • 1976 for 45 years of service,

  • and even 1971 for 50 years of service! 

While we cannot celebrate in person this year, we remain committed to delivering you a special celebration in thanks for all that you do! Chancellor Carol Christ and Eugene Whitlock, AVC-Human Resources/Chief People & Culture Officer will join us in acknowledging your commitment to excellence and thank you for all you do for the University! 

*NOTE: Staff will be able to pick up their service pin at People & Culture in University Hall once we have all safely returned to campus. 

Determining Your Milestone Anniversary:

In an effort to simplify and standardize this event, we have adjusted our method of calculating your milestone anniversary. Beginning in 2019, for this celebration, your milestone is determined solely based on your most recent hire date to UC Berkeley listed in UC Path. 

For example, if you were hired between January 1 and December 31 of 2020, you would celebrate your 5 year milestone anniversary in February 2026, your 10 year in February 2031, etc. (Because you reach your milestone anniversary in 2025, you are celebrated with all staff hired in 2020 in February, 2026).

Please note:

  • Your most recent hire date at UC Berkeley is the only date used to determine if you are invited to this UC Berkeley campus community celebration. We do not include years of service at other UCs. 


Q: Who is invited to this event?

A: Staff invited to the February event are those who have achieved a milestone anniversary between January 1 and December 31 of the previous calendar year. For example, the 2022 Service Awards will be celebrating staff who achieved a milestone anniversary between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021. Therefore, all staff who were hired in 2016 would be invited to the event to celebrate their 5 year milestone anniversary.

 Q: How can I verify when I was hired at UC Berkeley? 

A: Log into your UCPath portal. At the top left corner of your portal (below your Primary Title and Employee ID) you will see your “Service Date”. This is the hire date used to determine your milestone anniversaries. 

 Q: When will I receive my invitation for the Service Awards?

A: Invitations for the annual event in February will be sent out in January, one month before the event.

Q: In previous years, staff received a glass paperweight showing their years of service. Will I still receive this gift? 

A: We have discontinued distribution of the paperweights and have replaced them with a pin designed to share the milestone you are celebrating. As you continue to add to your years of service, we hope you can build your collection of Service Awards pins!

Q: I worked at UC Berkeley for 10 years, and then left to work elsewhere. I then returned to UC Berkeley and have been here for 5 years. Will my previous 10 years of service carry over when calculating my milestone anniversary? 

A: No. For this event, we determine your milestone anniversary based on your most recent hire date. In this case, you would be invited to celebrate your 5 year milestone anniversary. 

 Q: I was never acknowledged for my 5 years of service. Why is this? 

A: Starting in 2019, we added the 5 year milestone celebration to our program. This adjustment was made in an effort to express our appreciation to as many staff as possible, and we think that 5 years of service deserves to be acknowledged!