People & Culture Anti-Racism Statement

Black Lives Matter

At Berkeley People & Culture, we recognize that the world has witnessed yet another series of racially-motivated acts of violence, cruelty, and ignorance. This isn’t new: we know our country has been plagued with these acts since its founding, and we have to fight our history of institutional racism every day.

Right now though, we feel the effects of these acts even more, because we are in a crisis where we are sheltering and isolated, and witnessing this all together.

In People & Culture, we are more than just witnesses; we are more than just allies (people who just study and understand the theory of racism); we are co-conspirators working to overturn institutional racism. We take risks and use our power and influence to improve the lives of our community members, especially those most vulnerable. Recent events only strengthen our resolve. 

Commit to taking action… here is what you can do:

Co-conspirator Resources:

In partnership,

UC Berkeley People & Culture Leadership Team
Stacey Alvarez, 
Carrie Ann Colton, Tenia Davis, Alex Gomez, JS Henderson, Douglas McSkimming, Angela Stopper, Eugene Whitlock