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What is this program?

Transition Services is an award-winning program provided by Central Human Resources to assist staff employees who are being laid off find continued employment. We value our top performing employees and want to help them through this career transition by assisting with preparations for job searches within and outside of Berkeley.


Essential services offered include career coaching and workshops designed to help with:

  • managing the transition,
  • assessing transferable skills,
  • career guidance,
  • resume writing,
  • interview preparation, and
  • developing an action plan that includes job search strategies.

In particular, these services are tailored to assist the employee transitioning out of the university environment. Networking opportunities and placement leads are also available through this program

Program Outcomes

We have found that employees who take advantage of the support offered by this program during the layoff process find new employment faster than those who choose to try it on their own.


If you have questions regarding our services, please feel free to contact us at the number below.

Central Human Resources
University of California, Berkeley
2199 Addison St., Room 192 (University Hall)
Berkeley, CA 94720-3540
Phone: 510.642.1013

Additional information for employees being laid off is available at: