Layoff: Communicating with the Employee

Telling employees that they are going to be laid off is never an easy task. You may experience anxiety and guilt about having to take the action. Recognize that these feelings are normal. Making sure that you treat the employee humanely and compassionately will help to make this difficult situation more tolerable for both of you. Be sure to tell the employee to consult the applicable policy or contract.

Layoff: Introduction (for departments)

Many departments are facing difficult budget decisions that may result in reorganizations or staff reductions.

Nevertheless, sometimes layoffs are inevitable. Having to reduce staff can be one of the most difficult challenges that managers face. To respond to this challenge, Central Human Resources (Central HR) offers services and resources to support both management and staff during these turbulent times.

Layoff: Managing the Stress

When a person's job ends involuntarily because of budget cuts, it's normal to feel a sense of loss and the need to take some time to begin to heal. At least temporarily, you may have lost many things, including your daily work, your work associations, a structure for your days, financial security, and status. Even though your job loss is due to budget cuts and not your fault, it is common to feel some loss of self-esteem, or that somehow you have failed, and it can be hard to tell your friends and family.

Layoff: What to Expect

Your supervisor will meet with you individually to inform you of the layoff decision and why the layoff was necessary. He or she will describe the assistance available to you in understanding the impact on your benefits, and your job search. Your supervisor will also schedule an appointment with Employment Services, where you will be provided with more detailed information about your rights regarding notice. You may also be invited to additional meetings, which may include representatives from your bargaining unit.

Layoff Resources

Avoiding, Implementing, and Surviving Staff Layoffs: Information for Employees and Departments

The University of California, Berkeley is committed to creating a healthy and supportive environment for each employee and to administering all policies fairly and equitably. It is the policy of the University to minimize layoffs required by budget reductions and to consider staffing reductions only after other creative solutions have been considered.