Sunset of ERIT

Program ending effective: June 30, 2017


Our campus will be ending the Employee-Initiated Reduction in Time (ERIT) program at the close of this fiscal year (June 30, 2017). While the ERIT program will continue for other campuses, due to the low number of staff on the program and the complexity of administering the program, it will not be available at Berkeley.


Affirmative Action & EEO

Why Diversity?

Managing a diverse workforce contributes to staff retention and productivity. It enhances our organization's responsiveness to an increasingly diverse world of customers, improves relations with the surrounding community, increases our ability to cope with change, and expands the creativity of our organization. In addition to supporting these business goals, managing diversity contributes to goals unique to UC Berkeley as a public institution, such as increased accessibility and accountability to all residents of the state.