What is position control?

This is the regular review of the need to fill new or existing staff positions to ensure that there is a bona fide need for the position that fits within the strategic goals of the university, and that the funds are available. Especially in light of future downsizing, restructuring, and business process changes, there is a need to more closely monitor staffing decisions from a broad campus perspective.

What is the goal of position control for staff jobs?

The near-term goal is to ensure that campuswide staffing costs are reduced by $50M (approximately 500 positions) within the next 36 months, by the end of FY19.

What positions are excluded from position control?

The following types of positions are excluded.

  • Student appointments.

  • Contract and grant funded positions, unless they are moved to central funds for more than 6 months.

  • Academic titles: all faculty, as defined in APM 110-4(15) (e.g. ladder ranked faculty, adjuncts, Professors in Residence, all the Unit 18 titles such as lecturers, etc.).

  • Researchers, Project Scientists, and Specialists (except where hired on non-grant funds).

  • Positions funded by resources directly controlled by the faculty as identified by chart fields 1 and 2 (e.g. start-up package, retention, etc.).

  • Chairs, Academic Directors, and Deans.

  • Specialists and Advisors in Cooperative Extension.

  • Academic Coordinators (currently reviewed by the Academic Personnel Office).

  • Librarians (currently reviewed by the unit head).

  • Post docs.

  • GSIs and GSRs.

  • Extension instructors.

  • Readers and Tutors.

What is the process for submitting a request for approval to hire beginning 7/1/16?

Requests for approval to hire beginning 7/1/16 should be sent to the Chancellor, EVCP, Vice Chancellor, Dean, CFO, or University Librarian, as appropriate, with compelling justification via the list of designated approvers. They will evaluate the justification and decide which requests to approve, and notify the hiring manager of their final decision.

How do I notify CSS HR/AP if a request for approval to hire has been approved?

If the request to fill the position has been approved, the requisition along with the approval email from the designated approvers should be submitted to the CSS via ServiceNow.

What is the process for posting staff positions supported either by contract and grant funds or by any funds controlled by faculty (both types of positions are excluded from position control)?

The faculty should continue to follow whatever process they are currently using to submit requests to recruit for these positions which may vary by school or college. In some cases they go through the Research Administrator, others go through the HR Partner. There is no need to change the process or to go through the designated approver.

CSS, the Research Administrators and HR Partners will work together to get information to the recruiters via ServiceNow that identifies these positions so they can be posted.

How long will it take to get the approval to fill a position?

All parties recognize the importance of meeting business needs in a timely manner, especially those that are urgent. The length of time to approve will vary depending on a variety of factors such as volume of requests and levels of review.

What is the difference between contract and grant funded positions and employment contract positions?

“Positions funded by contracts and grants” refers to the funding source, not the type of appointment, and those positions that are fully grant or contract funded are not subject to position control unless the position is moved off of those funds and onto a different funding source for more than 6 months.

Employment contract positions are temporary appointments with an end date and require position control approval. Contract extensions also need to be submitted for approval.

Is approval required for posting or reposting a limited appointment position?

Recruitments for all limited appointment positions do require approval.

Do positions that are funded by endowments and other philanthropy require an approval?

Endowments and other philanthropically funded positions  need to go through position control. The review is to determine whether the full costs are covered by the funding source, or if it is creating “hidden” costs that impact general funds; and “cost of ownership” in the long term.

Who should HR Partners send their contract appointment renewals to for review?

HR Partners should send contract appointment renewals back to the division if they have not been approved by the designated approver for that specific division.

If a job is posted before 7/1, will the new hire (who will be hired after 7/1) be subject to Position Control?

Unless otherwise directed by the division head, staff positions posted prior to 7/1 continue under the current processes.  As of 7/1, advance approval by the division's designated approver is required before CSS takes any action.

What is the process for approval for posting Contract and Grant funded positions which are moved to central funds for more than 6 months?

Requests to hire Contract and Grant funded positions which are moved to central funds for more than 6 months should be submitted after approval has been provided by the designated approver following the unit’s review procedures.

What is the review process for positions partially funded by Contracts and Grants and partially funded centrally?

These positions fall under position control and must be reviewed  following the unit’s approval process.

What is the process for posting student positions?

Since student positions are excluded from position control, no approval is needed for these positions. They may be submitted for posting following your regular process.

Is approval required for reposting a position following a failed search?

Recruitment for these positions do require approval.

May signing bonuses be provided for approved positions?

No unit may give a signing bonus without the advance approval of the Chancellor. They are rarely used and only in extremely exceptional cases. Please be aware that Faculty Recruitment Allowances are not considered signing bonuses.