A week of appreciation: by staff - for staff.

Staff Appreciation Week is inspired, planned and put on by a volunteer group of your staff peers; people who care and take time out of their regular schedules to ensure that this week of activities is a huge success. About a couple dozen of these people work hard over the course of six long months and are joined by another 200 volunteers on the day of Summerfest. Add to that over 3,500 of your staff colleagues who enjoy Summerfest, and the hundreds who attend events throughout the week (from the guest lecture to the walks), and staff get to take a well deserved turn in the spotlight. After all, we are part of an exceptional university—one that uncovers new knowledge, conducts groundbreaking research, and shifts the global conversation.


As UC Berkeley staff members, our fourth annual Staff Appreciation Week provides many opportunities to say thanks and recognize all that we do to make this possible! By staff. For staff.