June 7, 2016

Anti Bullying Sign

The University’s Principles of Community express our collective commitment to promoting and sustaining a safe, caring, and humane environment. In keeping with these principles, we are pleased to announce a new staff policy, the Workplace Bullying Prevention Policy. This policy is intended to define bullying, to help identify behaviors that are unacceptable in the workplace, and to establish procedures for reporting and responding to reports of bullying.

Members of the University community are strongly encouraged to report conduct believed to constitute bullying under this policy to a manager, supervisor, or Central Human Resources. Managers and supervisors who observe bullying behavior or receive a report of bullying are required to address such behavior immediately and notify their HR Partner/Representative.

Who does it apply to?
This policy applies to non-represented staff, including undergraduate student-employees, and represented staff in the Clerical Unit, Health Care Professional Unit, Registered Nurses Unit, Patient Care Technical Unit, Printing Trades Unit, Research Support Professional Unit, Service Unit, Skilled Crafts Unit, Student Health Physicians’ Unit, and Technical Unit.

Please note that the University’s Workplace Violence Prevention Policy, which includes a prohibition against bullying, still applies to everyone, including academic personnel.

Next steps
The new policy can be read online at http://campuspol.berkeley.edu/policies/bullying.pdf.

Non-represented staff should direct their questions to askeru@berkeley.edu; represented staff should send their questions to labrel@berkeley.edu.